Egr valve hilux

Egr valve hilux

It deals with the signal coming from the EGR system. If you happen to have a good scan tool, you can actually use it to command the EGR valve to open. If the EGR valve refuses to open it would be time to check the wiring harness for voltage at the plug that goes into the EGR. Carbonjunk, and even ice can cause the EGR circuit to stick. The most common cause of P is the EGR valve. But, blindly replacing it without testing it can be a waste of money.

If it does end up being the EGR valve, they are pretty affordable. A great place to start diagnosing P in your Hilux is going to be the wiring harness. Being that the wiring harness that goes to the EGR valve is by the hot engine it has a higher propensity to fail than other wiring in the vehicle, it is often the problem.

Find the wiring harness where it starts at the EGR valve.

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Does the plugin have any visible signs of damage? Look close at any place that it may come into contact with the engine, frame, or anywhere that it takes a sharp turn. Check the voltage at the reference circuit.

If you get 12 volts or 0 volts, that would be an indication of a wiring problem. It is still a good idea to test it and the wiring before buying a new one though.

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If there is anything that you would like to add, please leave a comment below. Good luck diagnosing your Hilux!

Toyota Hilux P0406: EGR Sensor “A” → Circuit High

Wiring Issues A great place to start diagnosing P in your Hilux is going to be the wiring harness.Carbon build up inside your Toyota EGR valve affects engine performance, even increasing fuel consumption.

After some years of service, you still can restore valve operation by removing and cleaning the obstructed passages inside the valve and the connecting exhaust manifold pipe to reestablish good engine operation.

Follow these simple steps to remove, clean and reinstall the EGR valve in your Toyota. The procedure applies to vacuum type EGR valves. Park your Toyota in a safe place with enough room for you to work around the front of the vehicle. Open the hood and make sure the engine or engine components are cool enough to the touch to avoid skin burns or other injuries.

How to Test an EGR Valve: A Simple Procedure

Locate the EGR valve on the engine side, usually on the driver's side. Most valves resemble a metallic mushroom and are about 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Unplug the vacuum hose by hand from the top of the valve. Remove the pipe connecting to the bottom of the valve using a wrench or adjustable wrench. Remove the two valve mounting bolts using a wrench or ratchet and socket. Lift the valve away from the engine compartment and discard the EGR valve gasket.

If necessary, use a plastic scraper to remove any gasket material remaining on the mating surfaces of the valve and engine. Clean the bottom of the valve and inlet orifice of carbon deposits using a wire brush and scratch awl or similar tool. Be careful not to score or damage the valve-mounting surface to avoid exhaust gas leaks.

Tap the valve body to remove loose carbon deposits. If the EGR valve on your Toyota model can be disassembled, make sure to align the parts perfectly when reassembling. Clean the passage of the exhaust manifold pipe connecting to the valve as well. Set the cleaned valve in place on the engine using a new valve gasket and install the two mounting bolts by hand.

Start the exhaust pipe nut into the valve by hand to avoid thread damage.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. The EGR valve recirculates a small amount of exhaust into the combustion cycle.

The warmth of the exhaust lets the combustion chambers warm up quickly, while the spent, inert gases keep the chambers from getting too hot when the engine fully warms up. Whether mechanical or electronic, EGR valves open and close to control the gas flow. If left open, the excess vacuum will cause the engine to act like it wants to stall, idling roughly or surging.

If the valve stays closed, detonation could occur in the combustion chambers; this knocking or pinging will lower mileage and the lifespan of the engine. To smooth a rough idle, or hesitant or surging acceleration, and reduce knocking, clean your EGR valve. To clean your EGR valve, start by cleaning the vacuum hose with carburetor cleaner or a pipe cleaner.

Then, unbolt the valve, and clean the return tube and entry port using carburetor cleaner, and a toothbrush or pipe cleaner. If you have an electronic EGR valve, make sure to disconnect the negative battery cable, and remove any sensors and electrical connections before unbolting the valve. After cleaning, reinstall the valve and reattach the vacuum hose.

Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet?So, why do we have the EGR System? When the combustion gasses heats up excessively, nitrous oxide NOx is produced.

egr valve hilux

This is a continuous process and the EGR valve remains open on cruise and all the way up to just before wide open throttle. Some EGR applications can have the mapping of the valve changed to reduce the actuation, but most simply choose to close the valve at WOT.

The concept is obviously sound, but the implementation is sometimes questionable. A case in point are exhaust gas re-circulation EGR systems.

So, the EGR will make you use more fuel, give you less power, cause carbon build-up in the intake manifold and ultimately reduce your engine life. But it does reduce NOx emissions, so we are expected to accept it. Blocking the EGR system gives us two main benefits 1 Blocking the EGR will certainly stop the soot from the exhaust clogging up the inlet manifold.

See the last picture showing soot taken from a late model Series Landcruiser. The turbo now has more pressure turning the blades and the turbo will spool quicker. This is a myth. Yes, the engine is producing more NOx emissions however the reduced throttle position because of EGR blanking means you will be using less diesel and producing less soot or particulate matter PM.

There are many reasons to blank off or restrict as much as possible the EGR System in your vehicle. FAQs Q. The EGR valve controls a passageway between the intake and exhaust manifolds. When the EGR valve opens, exhaust gasses flow from the exhaust manifold through the valve and into the intake manifold, keeping NOx emissions within state limits.

Some people think the EGR is there to keep valves and cylinders cool. It is not. Why block off the EGR supply port? The hot, oxygen-depleted, exhaust gases displace dilute the cooler incoming oxygen-rich air and has a quenching effect on combustion and combustion temperatures.

This reduces engine performance and raises intake air temperatures dramatically. A full 80 deg c cooler. What are the negatives of blocking the EGR System?

However, in Australia there is no road side diesel testing.Problems with the EGR system, like so many vehicle problems, are often caused by a lack of maintenance: diesel owners typically expect high mileages and low maintenance bills.

By then it may be too late. However, faulty EGR valves can sometimes be fixed by simply cleaning them. Moreover, many EGR problems can be avoided by simply ensuring that the vehicle is maintained regularly and gets a decent blat down a highway at least once a month, with plenty of accelerating and decelerating pottering around town at low speeds is especially bad for EGR valves. Many owners have tried to remove the EGR assembly for this reason, but there are lots of fishhooks in the process.

There are, however, proper removal kits for those who wish to take this path. The engine produces nitrogen as part of the combustion process. NOx reacts with sunlight to cause smog. The EGR valve is the tap that turns the flow of exhaust gases on and off, hopefully at appropriate times.

These recycled, carbon dioxide-rich exhaust fumes cool the combustion chambers within the engine. This cooling effect lowers the combustion chamber temperature. These recycled exhaust fumes also displace some of the oxygen that would otherwise be drawn into the engine from the surrounding atmosphere.

Also, because the combustion chambers are cooler, the engine as a whole runs cooler. EGR systems operate primarily when the vehicle is cruising under light load. Because there is less demand on the engine when the vehicle is cruising under light load, the engine can afford to temporarily lose some capacity.

Also, because of the cooling effect of the EGR system, the engine can run cooler when the vehicle is cruising under light load. Cool oil lasts longer and works better than oil that has been continuously overheated.

Therefore, the EGR system is important for the cool running of the engine and also in the protection of the engine oil from continuous heat.

One of these by-products is a fine dust, known as particulates.

Toyota Hilux EGR valve replacement

This dust is mostly unburnt carbon fuel. The more efficiently the diesel engine burns its fuel, the less carbon dust is produced. However, no diesel engine works with anything like complete efficiency and, over time, the carbon dust inside the exhaust gases begins to clog up the EGR system, reducing the movement of the EGR valve.

Because the engine is running badly, the fuel is not being consumed efficiently.

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Because the fuel is not being consumed efficiently, more carbon dust is produced. The more the EGR gets clogged, the more carbon dust is produced. The more carbon dust is produced, the more the EGR valve clogs.

This viscious circle continues until the EGR valve jams completely open or closed. Four of the most common are rough running, high fuel consumption, turbocharger failure and, sometimes, total engine failure. When the engine is cruising, the EGR valve is supposed to open to allow the carbon dioxide in the exhaust to cool the combustion chamber. However, if the EGR valve jams open, exhaust fumes are being fed into the engine at all times.

This can mean poor acceleration and rough running, because the excess exhaust fumes are depriving the engine of oxygen. Fuel consumption is likely to rise substantially. Also, due to a lack of oxygen which is needed to complete the combustion processthe engine sometimes starts to misfire, sometimes seriously this misfiring may produce an unusual metallic rattle or knocking when the engine is under load. If the engine is left in this condition for too long, the engine life will be shortened considerably.There could be a problem in the system's circuit.

Make sure the valve is opening. If there's no vacuum or the solenoid is faulty, the valve will remain closed.

2009 D4D EGR block using manual mapper

Another common issue is carbon buildup blocking the gas passages. Make sure intake passages are clear. I have a 03 Dodge 5. Any ideas? Is it possible to damage an EGR valve internally by simply cleaning it? What fault can make a Toyota Camry to vibrate and consume much fuel after it was ringed? Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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He has certifications in automation and control technology. Learning how to test an EGR valve will save you time, money and some headaches. After miles of service, the exhaust gas recirculation EGR system—especially the EGR valve—will lead to engine performance problems due to carbon buildup, components mechanical problems, or vacuum hose leaks. Depending on the particular problem, you'll notice symptoms like rough idle, pinging or knocking engine sounds, an increase in emissions, poor fuel economy, hard starting and even stalling.

Without some troubleshooting, though, these same symptoms will mislead you into replacing an otherwise good EGR valve, solenoid, or miss a simple solution to your problem. Here, we take a look at a simple procedure to troubleshoot a potential bad EGR valve, and a few tips to do some system cleaning, if necessary. In either case, I'd recommend you buy the vehicle repair manual for your particular make and model, if you don't have one yet.

egr valve hilux

The manual will help as a reference, either now or later, to identify the exact type and components you have in your EGR system; help you in identifying passageways for cleaning the system, including the valve itself; and the correct steps if you need to replace the EGR valve. Not to mention all the help you'll get in future maintenance and repairs for your vehicle. You can get fairly inexpensive aftermarket repair manuals from most auto parts stores or online.

Or, if you don't want to buy the manual now, look up a copy of the manual in the reference section of your local public library. And one more thing. Here, we'll deal with vacuum controlled EGR valves found in old model vehicles and some newer models using hybrid vacuum-electronic controls.

New vehicle models come with electronically controlled valves, though about six different types of EGR-valve control configurations exist today, and some late model cars have rid of the EGR valve entirely. Still, you can follow this guide along with the procedure described in your vehicle manual to test your EGR valve, if necessary.

egr valve hilux

To apply one of the tests to the EGR valve, you'll need a vacuum pump, which you can borrow-rent from a local auto parts store, if you don't have one. Other than that, you'll only need to use some common tools if you need to clean carbon buildup from EGR system passages. The EGR system in your vehicle uses the EGR valve to introduce measured amounts of exhaust gases back into the combustion chambers. These gases lower combustion temperatures. And lower combustion temperatures mean lower emission of harmful NOx oxides of nitrogen gases.

However, exhaust gases shouldn't flow continuously into the cylinders. Once the engine has reached operating temperature, gases begin to flow gradually as engine speed increases. When this flow pattern fails, you begin to notice a decline in engine performance.

For instance, this will happen if the EGR valve fails to close completely as the engine idles, or fails to open when engine speed increases. Unfortunately, problems in the EGR system and valve will happen sooner or later. Overtime, small carbon particles contained in the exhaust gases begin to stick and accumulate along EGR and intake system passages, clogging tubes, exhaust gasses channels and the EGR valve itself.

Eventually, this will affect the valve's plunger mechanism as well, causing it to stick open or close. On top of that, EGR parts and components wear out and stop functioning properly. That's when troubleshooting becomes necessary.