Fs19 best map

Fs19 best map

Iowa is back! I played this map so much in FS17 and it brings back so many memories. In this video I go on the FS17 vids on this map, connect this map to the real world city of Megregor, Iowa and then take a tour of the map. I hope you enjoy! This channel started as a few people, as it moved into the agricultural simulator, it just ended up being me Grant. In most Livestreams, I keep a few places open for people to join.

In order to join the live stream you must have each mode that I use on that server. Most of the time I will let you know what modes you will need for streaming the day before so Friday. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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The BIGGEST MAP EVER! (Is This Too BIG??) - Farming Simulator 19

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Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. Farming Simulator 19 Mods, Download Free. Home Tractors. FS19 International Harvester utility wip v1. FS19 Fordson Major Diesel wip v1.

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FS19 Briri Field Commander 28 v1. FS19 Audi A4 B5 v1. FS19 VAZ v3. FS19 UAZ v1. FS19 Charger General Lee v2. Please enter your comment!Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Farming Simulator 19 Store Page. Global Achievements. Has anyone found a good 4X map yet? Showing 1 - 15 of 33 comments. Fendain View Profile View Posts. I have tried: Riverview - Terribly narrow roads and for some reason they have impenetrable hedges around all the fields with again very narrow entryways Rolling Hills - but most of the fields are wierdly shaped not rectangular and many have onsticles in the middle of the fields which would make hiring hands impossible.

FS19: Norskskog – Forestry Map

Honeydew Farms - Nice flat with very large fields which make for an interesting start as they are also very expensive. You do start with a few vehicles though and the missions pay very well. I kind of like Harsefeld2k19, Zweisternhof, and riverview atm. Andy View Profile View Posts. Crash View Profile View Posts.

Rolling Hills. Best US map i have ever seen and played.

fs19 best map

I thought the lack of objects and selling points would be a deal-breaker, but not an issue at all. It's nice to just jump in a tractor, flip on the radio and work the fields and relax. No hired hands, no traffic, no ugly city to look at.

Just some nice mid-west country-side type of farming. Good stuff.Want to have more land to work on? Want a bigger map? Fs 19 Maps section offers the broadest and best collection of mods for FS Any enthusiast of the game or time hardened veteran will find what he wants and needs in this section.

Scroll through and download any mod for free.

fs19 best map

Happy farming! April 18, April 17, April 16, April 15, Description: Sorry guys, Fixed the distant hills that turned out Description: Welcome to The Wild, On this map your skills Description: New map created, with great varieties of fields, points Description: Changees in v. Description: Hallo liebe LS-Gemeinde!

Version 1. Here you can control a variety of different vehicles and work with animals, grow your own farm. Its not only about having fun, but also improving your skills. Grow your farm now with better graphics and more vehicles. FS 17 Cars — Various car mods.

Here you will find modern hatchbacks, saloons, sports cars, pickup trucks and spacious vans perfect for those farming jobs. FS 17 Combines — What do you need in order to succeed in the farming bussiness? Just working hard and having the desire to grow the most crops is not enough, you need to add the right equipment and combine it with the know-how of farming. Not only you need to combine these skills, but you need a true, large harvesting machine — a combine.

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After choosing the desired combine mod, download and add it to the game with ease. FS 17 Cutters — In this category you will find the mods for the most effective tools — from a compact lawn mower to large area suited implements and cutters.

Powerful, effective and modern farm supplies will help reach more, than you could ever think is within your grasp. By downloading these functional modifications you can sow and harvest, build and manage, do even better in your farm with more efficiency. Everything from agricultural works to car park and tractors can help you improve Your farm. A lot of different models come extremely handy when performing various tasks. No matter what farming job is in question, you will a mod or a machine that can make the process faster and more effective.

Functional equipment is helpful in both small and large farms. Professional equipment mods are for everyone that wants to become a FS guru. You can very easily apply various efficient modifications to improve your day to day gameplay. A vast choice of mods will be handy and fun to each and every one who enjoys Farming Simulator It is a good helping tool for completing numerous upcoming and challenging tasks. So download and use mods to better manage your farm, make your experience and bussiness model more effective and most of all — enjoy your time spent in Farming Simulator universe even more.

Whatever machinery you may need, in this section you can choose from hundreds of useful items, which will add to the simulation experience and make it not only more interesting, but will also up the ante in your farm by making it a lot more efficient.

You will be able to farm quicker and easier, sow and look after your crops better and enjoy your improved results. The mods do not require tons of time or effort — download them and install just like that.Welcome to Nebraska Lands USA, a full featured 4x map with accurately scaled file sizes and full Seasons compatibility… a seasonsmask has been added to the map and all placeables have been edited to work with Seasons as well… foliage layers will change colors according to the season and the small water runoff ponds will freeze over if the ground temps are below freezing, and folks will have to light their fireplaces… NEW in this map, the individual GSI bin and the individual Brock bin use the new script from GtX to allow any grain crop to be stored in the bin, unlike before, when only one grain type was allowed.

Due to the new script, ONLY one grain may be stored at a time, to switch to a different grain, all of the first grain must be removed first, as in real life. Standing in front of the output auger will cause info to appear in the F1 menu, showing the graintype that is currently in the bin, as well as the amount of that grain and the percentage full.

Also NEW in this map, never before seen in FSis true dynamic mud… there are places, such as the water puddles around the map, where it is always muddy… however, in other places, after a rain and during the ground will become muddy… this mod really comes to life when running Seasons, as it responds to the moisture levels in the ground, more moisture equals more mud.

This map embraces the many new features of the game, much of the land is buyable, including all the field areas as well as several wooded or empty lots around the map, even a few empty lots in town in the business district.

There are transport missions, hauling pallets of stuff from one place to another, also field missions on most of the fields. There is no log sell point on the map as forestry is not a thing in this area, also, no massive forests here unless you want to plant your own.

Welcome to the heartland of the USA… Located in the midwest, the land is flat and stretches for miles in all directions… there is rich farmland here and land is cheap… Now you can journey to this area and enjoy the farming experience for yourself. You begin with adequate equipment, but to work well and be successful, you must become profitable and expand. There is no sugarcane on this map… it is not available as a crop type and will not be available no matter what GEO is used… this is for realism as sugarcane cannot grow here, this far to the north.

Also, there is no sheep farm provided, as sheep are not really a thing in this local area… however, if you want to raise sheep, you can always use a placeable pen. All of your farming supplies, such as fertilizer and seeds, must be bought at the various sellpoints no seed or fertilizer triggers at the farms Fuel storage is available on the farms, with a small amount to get you started, for more, use the universal pack fuel trailer to refill from town. For those that prefer to fertilize using anhydrous ammonia there is a dedicated sell point at the liquid fertilizer sell point.

Fuel is available at the Phillips 66 station in town… Bulk seeds can be purchased at Pioneer Seeds, next to the Garden Center… Over at Millenium Feed you can purchase premixed pigfood… and there is a local farmer north of town who is always willing to buy whatever pigfood you want to sell. The traffic will make randomized choices at some intersections and even stop.

Also, several vehicles are parked at various locations during the work day and leave at night. They take precompost, which is produced at the Razwood Factory south and west of town, which accepts manure, straw and sugarbeet to make the precompost for the bunkers.

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Also, there is a cotton bale drop off point just south of the RR crossing, to sell your bales… Regular straw or hay bales may be sold at the animal dealer, at the side of the office…. Disclaimer: this is a highly detailed map, using many different scenery objects and several custom textures to achieve visual realism, and as such will require a strong, high spec PC to run… especially if you have many mods on the farm.

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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You might like. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty.Zum Inhalt. Abmelden Registrieren. Nach oben. If PC there is a map on modhub. If your on console then your stuck with whats in the mod hub.

I don't understand why people get so upset about it to be honest Looks like the end product will be great though and I think the 15 version had some cool features built in.

The whole map was kinda what I envisioned could be done with FS17 mod maps to simulate the true american west. I should kno, I was bornt n raised there! If just the cows and sheep had both been given a large enclosure it would be a perfect map. The largest cow enclosure i have found on any map so far is the one on Islands. But it is not an American map. Most have no pasture at all. I have seen some dairy cows in pasture but they were small pastures.

Our beef cattle just roamed acres lol. We didn't have nice fancy bars for them to come inside lol. All the ate was grass, hay, and occasionally cotton seed. I live in the south east US so we didn't need silage.

I still need to get into the cattle part of this game. Haven't managed to try it yet lol. Hard to get them in the barn to milk them every 12 hours if their out to pasture.Farming Simulator 19 Mods 2 Feb, In this case, we are particularly interested in maps mods. If you are wondering, which Farming Simulator 19 best Map mod is, you can choose between the files in our site because we have listed only the best files available.

Probably, there are no wondering, how a Farming Simulator Top 10 Map mod can be useful — it ads the functionality you were missing. The most successful players are using FS Top 10 Map mods without any hesitations — so why should you refuse? This will make your game even more exciting and challenging. With Best FS19 Maps everything is possible and you can improve your farm in every way you feel like. The implementation of Ls Top 10 Maps is very simple in comparison to new opportunities and various options that become available.

You will be able to achieve much more in shorter time period. You have all the chances to build the best farm around and get the best of the game. The best is yet to come, so get ready for that! Of course you can build another farm some were else on the map if you wish to. Also I have adjust and tweaked some placeables all included in the zip file you need to play this map. Michigan Map v3.

FS19 – Nebraska Lands 4X Map V1

Then it is your lucky moment because in our website you will find various FS19 Mods which will help you to develop your game. Every particular Farming Simulator 19 mod will provide you with a lot of new solutions.

You will be able to upgrade your Farming Simulator 19 without any limits the way you have always wanted. There is nothing you can lose — no risks are guaranteed. FS19 Clover Creek v1. Size x4.

FS 19 Maps, Farming Simulator 19 Mods, LS19 Mods

The map contains the points of purchase and sale. On the map there are points of sale of loose fertilizer, lime, seeds, manure,slurry, animal feed. Transport missions. Traffic and pedestrian. Land transformation also works. Dairy for milk collection.

Two sawmills. Forest areas and large and medium sized fields, ideal for large machines. All fields on the map can be bought and sold. FS19 Midwest Horizon v1.

This is why you should not wait a second more and download No Creek Farms Map right now! This area has no emotional attachment to me, as I just picked it out randomly and thought it would be a good map.Let us show you the best place to download the Fenton Forest 4x map for Farming Simulator It has everything you would expect from an excellent FS19 mod map.

Various fields sizes from manageable to insanely hugea spacious farmyard ready for lots of placeable objects, and, of course, a vast forest that will keep you occupied for hours. Sure, you can download other production mods. But why would you, when Stevie already has made own versions, that suits the map perfectly. Having said that, Fenton Forest 4x has lots of space for placeables. Things like the GlobalCompany mods will work great here. Every time I want to make sure that I get a high qualityfun, and exciting farming simulator map, I turn to Stevie.

Stevie has been making maps since the early days of Farming Simulator The maps are all first-class, with great layouts and tons of stuff to do. The Fenton Forest 4x map is no exception. You need to unzip the mods file first. Notice the file that says Fenton4x.

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It contains useful information about the map, making it easier to enjoy it fully. Updated August 25, Looking for a map where almost everything looks as it should during the 4 seasons? Well, then you should download Fenton Forest 6. Stevie has made many custom foliage textures for his map that change as the year goes by. The map now also supports the Animal Pen Extension mod.

The store prices have been fixed, poplar trees have been removed, and several other small adjustments have been made too. Updated October 4, Another, excellent update of the Fenton Forest 4x map has just been released. You might need to start a new gamesave. Then save the game, quit, and remove the old map file.

fs19 best map

Now, copy the new version 7. Much about this update is about the custom-built GlobalCompany objects Stevie has created, especially for his map.